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Popular Passive Fire Protection Products from Intuchem.

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Intumescent fire pillows Intumescent fire hoods for downlights Fire seals and smoke seals for fire doors. Intumescent fire grilles for doors and walls Fire stopping for ventilation ducts Fire rated letterboxes Putty Pad alternative - wall box, intumescent liners. Intumescent pipe collars and wraps. Buy Online at  the Intuchem Shop

Intuchem sells BS:EN Certified passive fire protection products online including:

Fire & smoke seals,
Fire rated letterboxes
Fire grilles for fire doors.

Downlighter fire hoods
Wall box inserts
Ductwork fire stopping

Fire collars
Pipe wraps
Fire rated mortar

Other stock lines include a highly flexible fire batt,loft cones, ceiling air valves, intumescent mastic and external cladding seals.

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All products are designed to save installation time and to be durable without creating environmental problems during manufacture, installation and future disposal.

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Where goods are described as intumescent fire protection products we mean that they have been independently tested and certified to the appropriate BS & EN standards to stop the spread of a fire for a specified period - for example 60mins.

Certain products also have BS/EN certified Acoustic and / or Energy Efficiency Ratings and CE labeling.

Each product data sheet shows the fire rating.

None of the products we sell contains asbestos.

SDS data available on request.


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