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Downlighter hood
Downlighter Hood Installation Guide

Installing Small, Medium or Large hood types.

Downlighter Hood install Step 1


Step One:

Grasp legs firmly and roll cover into a tight cylinder. Ensure wiring loom is through slot before installation.


 Downlighter Hood install  Step 2


Step Two:

Keeping a tight grip on the legs, feed the cover through the cut out made for the downlighter.

Ensure cover has sprung back into its original cone shape.

 Downlighter Hood install  Step 3

Step Three:

(a) Grasp legs and pull down until L section clears the underside of the ceiling.

(b) Move legs out until vertical part of L section flush with the side of the cut out.


Downlighter Hood install  Step 4


Step Four:

Release legs so that they grip the underside of the tile.Remove the excess of both legs. Cut at point A.Once cover is in place, downlighter can be fitted as normal.




The completed installation.

Finished installation


Installing X-Large or XX-Large Cover.

Flatten the cover

Step One:
Flatten the cover

Fold the cover

Step Two:
Fold the cover into quarters by folding it in half once.

Fold again

..... and then folding it in half again.


Pass the folded cover through the aperture


Step Three:
Pass the folded cover through the aperture.


Cables may be pushed through the vent slots in the cover.


Step Four:
Then fit the downlighter cover as per the manufactures's instructions - cables may be pushed through the vent slots in the cover.

Check and ensure that there is a distance of 20mm minimum between the downlighter cover and any insulation or acoustic filling in the void.


Remote gearboxes and transformers must be situated outside of the downlighter cover.


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